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Words of our Lives: The Spiritual Words of Matthew the Poor (Volume 2)

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Description from Ancient Faith: 

The twentieth-century elder Abba Matta of Egypt, known in the West as Matthew the Poor, is widely regarded as the greatest Egyptian elder since St. Antony the Great. This series constitutes the first appearance in English of a selection of the informal talks Abba Matta gave to his fellow monks and to visitors. In simple, accessible language, he addresses subjects ranging from Scripture to the church year to everyday life in the world. To read these talks is to sit at the feet of one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our age.

Your first take from this book is the feeling you get from Matthew the Poor’s personality as you listen to him tell you stories of his life and experiences. This man, trying to remove himself from society’s grasp, has a fantastically inviting attitude, disposition, personality, etc. in relation to others and the Lord. It’s so inspiring to listen to his kind words about sin, about how he just wanted to be left alone (yet loved people) to read the bible and how worried he was that he wasn’t going to be able to finish it before his death, and how he helped bring others to Christ. 

It helps that Kristina Wenger, the audiobook narrator, has such passion with her work. You can really get a feeling for how the conversations went and how the author’s personality radiated love. This is the second audiobook from Ancient Faith that I have read (listened to) with her as narrator. Both books were from men, but each with their own personality. She lends her voice to simply bring to life what the author is conveying and she does so very well.

I would highly (read: HIGHLY) recommend this book to anyone looking for inspiration in their faith, at ANY level. Even older teenagers, who are devout or looking for inspiration, can reap so much from his take on situations, how he handles them, and his faith. You have a new appreciation for the faith, bible, and all that we have access to as orthodox christians after you have sat “at the feet of one of the greatest spiritual teachers of our age.


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