and trying to keep both!

The Barn & the Book

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In this cute story leading up to Christmas, we reunite with some of our favorite Orthodox characters and learn what’s in their hearts and minds.

Sister Anna is frustrated that she can’t keep the Sunday School class in order. They don’t listen to her instructions or show her respect and it makes her wonder why she was given this job.

The students are asked to write stories about the monastery for their 100 year celebration. The catch is that only one will be published in the commemorative book. Grace and Macrina are both hoping to write the winning story.

Elias tells Sam that animals can talk for one hour on Christmas Eve. Sam isn’t sure if it’s true. But he makes a plan to find out. Can he talk to Saucer on Christmas Eve?

It’s interesting to watch how Melinda Johnson weaves the stories of these kids and nuns together. It’s subtle and sweet. There’s enough action and excitement to keep kids interested while teaching lessons on faith. While the children in the story grow in their maturity and faith, mine have, too.

Yours in faith and some sanity,